New freedoms
of imagination

Dream Machine is an AI model that makes high quality, realistic videos fast from text and images.

It is a highly scalable and efficient transformer model trained directly on videos making it capable of generating physically accurate, consistent and eventful shots. Dream Machine is our first step towards building a universal imagination engine and it is available to everyone now!

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High–quality videos from text & images


Iterate at the speed of thought

Dream Machine is an incredibly fast video generator! 120 frames in 120s. Iterate faster, explore more ideas and dream bigger!


Create action packed shots

Dream Machine generates 5s shots with a realistic smooth motion, cinematography, and drama. Make lifeless into lively. Turn snapshots into stories.


Dream worlds with consistent characters

Dream Machine understands how people, animals and objects interact with the physical world. This allows you to create videos with great character consistency and accurate physics.


Capture attention with breathtaking camera moves

Dream Machine helps you experiment with an endless array of fluid, cinematic and naturalistic camera motions matching the emotion and contents of the scene.



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Model Development

Ayaan Haque
Dan Kondratyuk
Dominic Rampas
Jiaming Song
Pablo Pernias
Samarth Sinha
Terrance DeVries
Thomas Neff
Alex Yu
Angela Dong
Matt Tancik
Paul Yoo
Quei-An Chen
Nathan McClean

Systems Design

Alaa Qutaish
Andrew Prifer
Barkley Dai
David Romero
George Corney
Jiacheng Yang
Karan Ganesan
Keegan McCallum
Ahmed Mansy
Nathan Manousos
Theo Panagiotopoulos
Tuhin Kumar
Vasuman Ravichandran
Amit Jain
Arthur Islamov
Ben Coombs
Robera Geleta
Sapna Benali
Skylar Simpson
Caroline Ingeborn