Interactive Scenes

Gorgeous, embeddable, and universally shareable 3D. Brought to you by Luma, The 3D AI Company

Interactive 3D is Here

3D has always been a powerful medium but plagued by the difficulty of creation and sharing. We see it in movies and games, but most of us can never create 3D. Luma changed that once and for all. Today we are changing sharing and where you can experience 3D. Spectacular 3D will now be everywhere. On Web. On iOS. On Android.

Upgrade to the latest interactive scenes in iOS, Android and Web, today! Using Luma means you're always at the forefront of 3D AI. Every time we make a breakthrough, all your captures and data comes along.

Efficient, Shareable & Commercially Usable

30 FPS
on Web browsers

Android & iOS
Available on all platforms

8 MB
for Objects

20 MB
for Scenes

Fast and hyper efficient rendering allows embedding where latency and fast load speeds matter. The files are tiny (will get even smaller), they start streaming immediately, and are delightfully interactive while loading. This is how we make the web 3D and interactive! All your scenes are usable commercially without any additional licensing, and are private unless you make them public. Want to generate in bulk, check out the Luma API.

Interactive Scenes & Assets API

Generate programmatically and get embeddable Interactive Scene viewer, mesh assets, and other rich 3D exports, including Gaussian Splat PLY files, and Luma Unreal Engine UE files.