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Video-To-3D API launch

Video-To-3D API launch

Luma's NeRF and meshing models are now available on our API, giving developers access to world's best 3D modeling and reconstruction capabilities. At a dollar a scene or object.

Today it costs anywhere from $60-$1500 and 2-10wk, and rounds of back and forth to have 3D models created. At a dollar a model, and around 30 min of compute now we can imagine 3D models for entire inventories for e-commerce, and every previz scene for VFX.

The API expects video walkthroughs of objects or scenes, looking outside in, from 2-3 levels. The output is an interactive 3D scene that can be embedded directly, coarse textured models to build interactions on in traditional 3D pipelines, and pre-rendered 360 images and videos.

For capture best practices please see:

Luma developers should expect continuous improvements in the quality of outputs, and processing time as we push the state of the art in 3D AI. If you're planning a larger project, please reach out to us at We are eagerly listening for feedback and want to hear from you:

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