March 24, 2023

Introducing the Luma Video-to-3D API!

Developers can now integrate Luma's photorealistic 3D NeRF models into their apps and products through our API.

Luma's NeRF and meshing models are now available on our API, giving developers access to world's best 3D modeling and reconstruction capabilities. At a dollar a scene or object.

Today it costs anywhere from $60-$1500 and 2-10wk, and rounds of back and forth to have 3D models created. At a dollar a model, and around 30 min of compute now we can imagine 3D models for entire inventories for e-commerce, and every previz scene for VFX.

The API expects video walkthroughs of objects or scenes, looking outside in, from 2-3 levels. The output is an interactive 3D scene that can be embedded directly, coarse textured models to build interactions on in traditional 3D pipelines, and pre-rendered 360 images and videos.

For capture best practices please see:

Luma developers should expect continuous improvements in the quality of outputs, and processing time as we push the state of the art in 3D AI. If you're planning a larger project, please reach out to us at We are eagerly listening for feedback and want to hear from you: