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Series A announcement

Series A announcement

To accelerate the arrival of this creative revolution we are excited to announce that we have raised a $20 million Series A led by David Beyer and Mike Dauber of Amplify Partners and and are welcoming NVIDIA (NVentures) and General Catalyst to our team of investors. We are also humbled by the continued participation from our existing partners — Matrix Partners, South Park Commons, and RFC's Andreas Klinger.

We believe 3D is the most powerful creative medium, whether it be for 2D screens or 3D devices of the future. This realization has swept through the creative world in the last decade and we are building AI to bring this incredible expressive power to every artist, every studio, and eventually every phone. Stories of the future will not be told in still images or linear videos. The future is interactive, generative, it's 3D.

We are incredibly grateful to our community, to everyone who has supported Luma, and to our team that makes impossible possible on the daily. We are aggressively expanding our team and if you're passionate about generative AI research, find thrill in working with immense quantities of data and engineering systems that can build large foundation models, or want to work on the next generation of UX and tools, come join us. The time to build the future is now!

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